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 Alien RPG. This forum is in need of an RPG!!

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PostSubject: Alien RPG. This forum is in need of an RPG!!   Mon Apr 30, 2007 5:07 pm

Yes, it's the same one from Mandal Forums, but it's not getting anyone to join so here it is!

The story
Upon recieving news of the fate of Nostromo, you are sent as a member of a team into the deep reaches of space by Weyland industries in The Gatherer. Your mission is simple, but not neccesarily easy: To find and capture a Xenomorph specimen and return it to Earth for examination.

The sign-ups
Occupation aboard The Gatherer:

Here's my sign-up:
Name: Alex Shortall
Bio: Worked for Weyland industries for the better part of his life. He is sent on this mission to command the team one last time before retiring.
Appearance: Tall. Moderate strength. Aging. About 41 years old. Brown hair with moderate grey spots. Blue eyes.
Occupation: Leader

The occupations are as follows: Engineer, Medical Android, Biological expert, Weapons specialist, Tracker, Assistant Captain.

Once all the spots are filled, we will begin.

Note: You can get killed off by any time in the RP. So don't whine about it. [url]
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Alien RPG. This forum is in need of an RPG!!
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